What Napster Can Teach Manufacturing – Design.nl

What Napster Can Teach Manufacturing – Design.nl.

By Gabrielle Kennedy / 02-02-2012

It’s hard to explain exactly what Smári McCarthy does.  “I am not a designer,” he says although he has dabbled in graphic design, operated a FabLab studio, was once a mathematical artist.

Activist might be the best label.  Via lectures, social media and a blog, he communicates about the philosophy of making things and the rights people should enjoy when interacting digitally.  “I am interested in access to information and free speech,” he summarises.

In Holland to present at the Me Craft/You Industry (#mcyi) symposium in the Zuiderzee Museum in the old town of Enkhuizen, McCarthyaddressed a capacity crowd on what we need to be thinking about now in order to prepare for a digital manufacturing reality.

He criticized the industrial revolution for its unintended consequences and argued that it has disenfranchised the individual from his or her ability to create things.

This is an interesting article and well worth reading …


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