Skills Minister launches new Craft Skills Awards scheme

It will be interesting to see what developed from this …

Today Skills Minister John Hayes announced that Creative & Cultural Skills will take forward his plan to establish a new set of Craft Skills Awards.

The aim of the new awards scheme is to raise the craft sector’s ownership of, and involvement in, the teaching and learning of craft skills. Awards will be granted to practitioners and learners of all ages in a number of areas. They will be judged by a Panel made up of the best of the UK’s craft talent, with the first round of prizes being awarded in spring 2013. The scheme will also offer a discretionary Lifetime Achievement Award to champion someone especially active in the development of craft skills in the UK…..

The Sector Skills Council has also committed to developing a new Craft Apprenticeship in partnership with the craft sector, which will be available for the academic year 2013-14. Apprentices will be able to choose from a variety of pathways, each one focusing on a specific craft occupation. Creative & Cultural Skills is also investigating new delivery mechanisms for this Apprenticeship, with a view to finding a suitable way of enabling sole traders and individual craft practitioners to be involved.

For more information on this press release please contact Gill Roth on 020 7639 3709 or, or Andrew Davidson on (020) 7015 1844 or 



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