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Who Will Control What We 3-D Print? | Popular Science


The control of objects we print at home is going to be an interesting battle …

Who Will Control What We 3-D Print? | Popular Science.


The Achilles’ Heel of 3D Printing ~ Innovation Investment Journal

The Achilles’ Heel of 3D Printing ~ Innovation Investment Journal.

an interesting critique of current modes of manufacture … It doesn’t address issues of the value of costomersiation however …

Satellites in the shed? the new DIY revolution


Satellites in the shed? TEDGlobal announces the new DIY revolution | Technology | The Observer.

‘The latest edition of the ideas festival at Edinburgh was abuzz with the ‘maker movement’: a phenomenon that aims to take manufacturing out of factories and put it into people’s homes’

‘If this sounds like Marxism, a world in which workers own the means of production, it is and it isn’t. One of the speakers at TEDGlobal, author Rachel Botsman from Sydney, who has coined the term “collaborative consumerism”, says: “It’s definitely capitalism. But it’s more democratic forms of capitalism.”

The democratising of making  – is it really ? Is the term self taught a little overI optimistic ? And hiding high levels of education in other fields …?

Live Flash Factories | Design Junction


Live Flash Factories | Design Junction.

‘Provenance is a huge watchword in design right now. Where and how objects are produced and their impact on the environment is increasingly important to the design community and the general public alike. That’s why the ground floor of designjunction will play host to a series of Flash Factories this year. These interactive mini factories will offer visitors the unique opportunity get up close and see the various stages of how products are made, before they hit the shop or showrooms’

Have we really moved on from the image above ? Is this image really showing static production  – or an illusion of it that webought into…?

it is interesting that social flexability is  really becoming visible now in modes of production … Not just consumption.



Hardware Innovation Workshop


Hardware Innovation Workshop.

MAKE magazine hosts an inspired conversation and curated tour of the unique culture, enabling technologies, and innovations of the maker movement.

mmm think I need to visit relations in Palo Alto …….

High-Low Tech – project space



High-Low Tech.

This is a fantastic experimental project space – set up by MIT … A real hacker approach that combines digital Tec and making craft skills .

Programmable smart sand is awesome – SlashGear


Programmable smart sand is awesome – SlashGear.


MIT – in developing programmable blocks of materials is extending the potential of 3D printing … to formatting materials in the wild, outside of printing machines. This offers the possibility of machines to genuinely mend and remake themselves.

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