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Why is the Alexander McQueen exhibition so impressive?


It would be easy to view a fashion designer as popular as Alexandra McQueen as overblown and over rated, whose fame is overinflated by the hubris surrounding his death. The cult of doomed youth has such a pungent smell in the fashion world that it tends to overpower the more delicate scent of genuine creativity and fresh thinking. Such a large career retrospective in a major museum does not often favour the latter. In addition, the waiting list and queues to this exhibition are likewise overpoweringly long and a real deterrent unless the visitor is armed with a suitably sharp V&A membership card to cut down the wait. However, if there is one exhibition that is worth the challenge of entry it is this one. Rarely does a specialist in a creative field seem so fresh and clear in their communication. It is as though McQueen has made his collections after entering fashion from another field, working as a skilled outsider who has not been trapped by the traditions, assumptions, and tired routines of the fashion world. Yet strangely this is not true, he spent years perfecting tailoring skills, working in one of the most stylistically constrained areas of the fashion industry.

So where does this clarity come from? how does McQueen achieve the simplified overview that is fresh, creative and approachable, interesting yet understandable by all of us? It is perhaps his ability to raise his head above specialist and localised thinking of his trade, to genuinely combine different perspectives of knowledge in a way that is intelligently enriching. This is not the form of appropriation that often happens where surface visual references are grabbed and consumed by the trend machine of fashion, but a deeper understanding of culture’s structure in a simpler and more fundamental way. His work has almost a child like in its desire and clarity, which is combined with advanced technical skills and a seemingly unending stream of creative options. Perhaps he exemplifies ‘beginners mind’ for as Shunryu Suzuki says ‘In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.’


Visual Directions: Reflective Writing text version


Visual Directions: Reflective Writing text version.


A very useful resource on reflective writing …

The Achilles’ Heel of 3D Printing ~ Innovation Investment Journal

The Achilles’ Heel of 3D Printing ~ Innovation Investment Journal.

an interesting critique of current modes of manufacture … It doesn’t address issues of the value of costomersiation however …

Hardware Innovation Workshop


Hardware Innovation Workshop.

MAKE magazine hosts an inspired conversation and curated tour of the unique culture, enabling technologies, and innovations of the maker movement.

mmm think I need to visit relations in Palo Alto …….

High-Low Tech – project space



High-Low Tech.

This is a fantastic experimental project space – set up by MIT … A real hacker approach that combines digital Tec and making craft skills .

Programmable smart sand is awesome – SlashGear


Programmable smart sand is awesome – SlashGear.


MIT – in developing programmable blocks of materials is extending the potential of 3D printing … to formatting materials in the wild, outside of printing machines. This offers the possibility of machines to genuinely mend and remake themselves.

Dezeen » Blog Archive » RSA House chandeliers by Troika

Beautiful reverse chandeliers  – that give virtual reflected light . Also looks a bit like a hot air balloon … That might float across theceiling .

Dezeen » Blog Archive » RSA House chandeliers by Troika.


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